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The EU COST Action CA17106 on “Mobilising Data, Experts and Policies in Scientific Collections”. MOBILISE was officially launched back in October 2018 and will last for four years. For its results however, the journey does not end there. They will be directly embedded into the Research Infrastructure DiSSCo - Distributed System of Scientific Collections - and will serve the community by ensuring their sustainable value and further development in the long term.


Natural Science Collections in Europe host ca. 1.5 billion (1.5x10^9) biological and geological collection objects, which represent about 80% of the known current and past bio- and geo-diversity on Earth. Accessing to and mobilising the data contained and the knowledge built thanks to those collections is at the core of MOBILISE Cost Action. Research data and the researchers community providing such priceless richness are pivotal to support, promote and foster scientific advances.

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Major Aims

The ultimate aim of this COST Action, MOBILISE, is to build up a cooperative, inclusive, bottom-up and responsive network with active involvement of European stakeholders to support research for biodiversity and geodiversity informatics. MOBILISE will facilitate knowledge and technology transfer across stakeholders, bridging the gaps between biodiversity and geodiversity research and information technology best practices.

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How to participate

MOBILISE, as an EU COST Action, is a bottom-up network of scientists across Europe that intends to strengthen networking, knowledge exchange and capacity building by bringing together experts and researchers. If you feel eager to actively participate in any of the six working groups (WGs) of MOBILISE, please make sure that the country of your home institution is a COST Country (or Cooperating State). If the answer to that is ‘yes’, please verify if the country (not the institution!) is already participating in MOBILISE.

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Latest News

  • DEST online course on Biodiversity and Climate change
    Register for the innovative 3-month Training course (January 16 to April 7, 2023) dealing with biodiversity and climate change, already posted on the website of DEST (https://cetaf.org/dest/online) […]
  • MOBILISE fourth blended Training School (TS)
    MOBILISE fourth blended Training School (TS) “Next step in the digitization process of Natural History collections: Publishing of biological, geological, palaeontological & mineralogical data” ONLINE PART (via zoom) 20 January 2023 13.00 -17.00 […]
  • MOBILISE Digitisation Workshop in Italy
    A MOBILISE meeting took place in the city of Padova, Italy, on September 12th-13th, as a result of a joint effort of WG2 and WG5. The meeting was organised in the light of a major digitization effort in Italy in 2023-2025, bringing together the […]
  • WG2-WG5 Joint Workshop Digitization in Italy September 12-13, Padua, Italy
    MOBILISE WG5 and WG2 are organizing a joint meeting in Italy, in the city of Padova, on September 12th-13th. The two days meeting is planned for facilitating the transfer of technology and knowledge between the MOBILISE/DiSSCo community and the […]

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