General concepts, including a definition of datasets, incentives to publish data, and licences for data publishing will be elaborated so that to define and compare several routes for data publishing. MOBILISE will survey, develop and implement novel methods and workflows for collection data publishing, visualisation, dissemination and re- use in the form of Linked Open Data MOBILISE will investigate on relevant topics: (1) supplementary information and data sets of research articles published in public data
repositories with resolvable Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) (e.g. DOIs); (2) Data Paper, i.e., a specific, stand- alone publication describing a particular dataset or a collection of datasets, or (3) integrated narrative and data publishing through online import/download of data into manuscripts. It will also contain detailed instructions on how to prepare and peer review data intended for publication. Special attention will be given to existing standards, protocols and tools to facilitate data publishing. A separate section will describe most leading data hosting/indexing infrastructures and repositories for biodiversity and ecological data.. Suitable open access journals will be used as a testbed for publishing collection data in the form of standardised descriptions and taxon checklists. A generic semantic model and implementation of machine-readable and harvestable information of taxonomic specimen features will be developed. Furthermore, by introducing specimen level PIDs, occurrence data will be comprehensively linked to collection objects.

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