Working Group (WG) 1 will initially develop a network of appropriate experts to assess and compare existing protocols and standards on digitisation, mobilisation of biodiversity/collection data, data management and publication. Members will be information technicians and biodiversity researchers involved in collection digitisation and data management. Members of all other workgroups will be represented in WG1.

Objectives for Year 1:

  • Establish a map of the existing competences within COST and other linked projects
  • Attract additional expertise needed
  • Establish an expert task force
  • Start assessment of existing standards and how they are used (or not)
  • Increase the attention of Geodiversity at all levels

Together with WG3 the following aspects were addressed in Year 1:

  • GAPG 1 Synchronise efforts among Working Groups & wider community
  • GAPG 6 Identify and activate experts, from inside and outside the collection community

Objectives for Year 2:

Hence the short period of Year 1 the above mentioned objectives are continued in Year 2.

  • Standards Alignments across Disciplines in Natural Sciences (in form of a joint Symposium at Biodiversity Next :
  • Landscape analysis of existing domain-specific data standards (inform of a joint workshop at the MC3 meeting)

Objectives for Year 3:

Focus on Living collections and Biobanks standards and protocols

The current collection and specimen descriptor activities focus primarily on preserved collections. In terms of living collections, micro-organisms, molecular collections are in the process to be addressed. Other living collections like Seed banks, living indoor and outdoors botanical collections, as well as living animals in zoo and aquaria, present in many DiSSCo institutions are only marginally dealt with. A need it expressed that the currently existing and updated descriptors (notably in collaboration with the TDWG CD group) to address these living collections descriptors.

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Co-chair(s)  Country contact e-mail
Patricia Mergen BE patricia.mergen [at]
Alexander Weigand LU alexander.weigand [at]