MOBILISE, as an EU COST Action, is a bottom-up network of scientists across Europe that intends to strengthen networking, knowledge exchange and capacity building by bringing together experts and researchers.

If you feel eager to actively participate in any of the six working groups (WGs) of MOBILISE, please make sure that  the country of your home institution is a COST Country (or Cooperating State). If the answer to that is ‘yes’, please verify if the country (not the institution!) is already participating in MOBILISE. This can be done here.

If your institution is located in a non-COST Country please verify whether your country is a  Near Neighbour Country (NNC) or International Partner Country (IPC). If so, you then have to check whether your home country is already participating and through which institution. Please go to the list of MOBILISE participants here (bottom of the page).

If your COST Country or NNC / IPC institution is not yet part of MOBILISE, please contact the Chair of the Action, Dimitris Koureas to be informed on how to participate in the Action.

Finally, if you are personally interested to actively contribute to any of the six WGs, and the aforementioned criteria are fulfilled (i.e. your home institution is located in a participating COST Country or already constitutes a participating NNC / IPC institution), we would highly appreciate your notification. For doing so, just write an email to the respective WG leaders and co-leaders, and start being engaged:

WP Leader: Patricia Mergen

WP Leader: Elspeth Haston

WP Leader: Eva Häffner

WP Leader: Dagmar Triebel

WP Leader: Stefano Martellos

WP Leader: Catherina Voreadou

Working group meetings take place several times a year. Furthermore, WGs will initiate and organise workshops, Short Term Scientific Missions and Training Schools covering a range from general to very specific topics.

See also the COST Implementation Rules for further information and specifically to the Rules of Participation to MOBILISE, as agreed by the community.