WG1: Assessment of existing systems and standards

Working Group (WG) 1 will initially develop a network of appropriate experts to assess and compare existing protocols and standards on digitisation, mobilisation of biodiversity/collection data, data management and publication. Read more

WG2: Development of Standards and Guidelines for Data gathering and large-scale digitisation of collection objects

Based on existing biodiversity data information standards and taking into account information from WG1, WG2 will develop common standards and guidelines for digitisation of different types of collections and collection objects, linking complementary expertise of information technicians and biodiversity and geoscience researchers. Read more

WG3: New Concepts and Standards for Data management in relation to content, curation, quality management, technical framework and documentation

WG 3 will make a systematic review of recent and new concepts and standards for data management, including aspects of content definition (vocabularies, thesauri, languages) and technical ones (for integration and interoperability). WP3 will exchange experience on all these matters and identify technical shortcomings and knowledge gaps. Read more

WG4: Development of Standards and Guidelines for Data Archiving and long-term preservation in relation to content, curation, technical and documentation

In the light of the rapid development of IT technology, data archiving, long-term preservation and availability are important topics for every data producer and data provider in the bio- and geodiversity communities. WG4 will address these problems by assessing current standards and strategies for data archiving and suggesting efficient and practical strategies for different kinds of institutions. Read more

WG5: Development of Standards and Guidelines for Data publication, including portals and publishers

General concepts, including a definition of datasets, incentives to publish data, and licences for data publishing will be elaborated so that to define and compare several routes for data publishing. MOBILISE will survey, develop and implement novel methods and workflows for collection data publishing, visualisation, dissemination and re- use in the form of Linked Open Data. Read more

WG 6: Education and Training, Dissemination and Outreach

Education and Training:

MOBILISE’s target groups will be mainly ECIs, but also experienced scientists and postgraduate students. Prioritisation of representation by women, to achieve gender balance, will also be pursued. Through these training activities, analytical and data skills necessary to understand, handle and process big and heterogeneous datasets will be delivered. Read more

Dissemination and Outreach

MOBILISE aims to raise awareness of open bio- and geo-diversity information systems and highlight their relevance to all possible target user groups: scientists and researchers (e.g. for interdisciplinary research), students, stakeholders, industry, policy makers, society at large. Read more

WG6 will, together with the MC, identify those target groups and build and maintain the MOBILISE website. A communications, engagement and outreach officer will be appointed, to drive actions relevant to this objective.