Under MOBILISE, the Management Committee has the responsibility to define and manage the COST Action Structure and to implement any other tasks necessary to achieve the COST Action Objectives.

In  order to ensure the decision making process is run with the efficiency and flexibility required, the Management Committee (MC) has agreed to delegate following responsibilities on the MOBILISE Core Group that will be established accordingly and that will be committed to the executive running of MOBILISE subject to the Delegation of Authority protocol and generally, to the rest of COST policies and rules of procedure.


Organizational aspects:

  1. Approval of Executive Team (ET) for each WG
  2. Approval of new designations for the WG Executive Team
  3. Approval of the extended WG Executive Teams

Financial aspects:

  1. Adjustment of figures included in the MOBILISE Annual Budget
  2. Approval of external contracting process and approval of procurement, especially in relation to:
    • publishing and publicity material;
    • organization of Conferences, Workshops, and Training courses.
  1. Grants approval for the STSMs, ITC Conferences and Training Schools, upon proposal of the corresponding Coordinators

Others, as delegated by the MC during the course of MOBILISE.


The Core Group (CG) of MOBILISE is formed by:

  • the Chair,
  • the Vice-Chair
  • the WG Leading Teams (leaders and co-leaders)
  • the Coordinator and co-Coordinator of the Short Term Scientific Missions
  • the Communication Coordinator and co-Coordinator