Registration has opened for the new CETAF-DEST 

Training course on Parasitic wasps!!

Collection methods and identification of parasitic wasps, with special emphasis on Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera)

Parasitic wasps are one of the most diverse groups of insects. They are of tremendous importance in regulating insect populations and are increasingly used in biological control worldwide. Chalcidoidea is the second largest superfamily. This Training course aims to introduce the trainees into the fascinating world of chalcids, provide information about specific and appropriate methods of collecting, mounting and imaging, as well as present and explain the most important morphological characters used for their identification. The course will be a Face to Face one, including theoretical modules as well as field and lab sessions. 

Dates of Implementation: 19-23 September 2022

Registration deadline :11 July 2022

Language: English

Location: Iași, Romania

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CETAF-DEST Training course on Parasitic wasps