A MOBILISE meeting took place in the city of Padova, Italy, on September 12th-13th, as a result of a joint effort of WG2 and WG5. The meeting was organised in the light of a major digitization effort in Italy in 2023-2025, bringing together the Italian coordinators with other specialists on Digitisation of Collections and Biodiversity Data form across Europe.

For 2 days, the 45 conveners discussed strategies to mass digitise natural history collections and make the data available online on open platforms. The workshop consisted of a set of presentations of national and institutional strategies across Europe, followed by 4 parallel sessions where the participants debated practical aspects of the digitisation and publication of biodiversity data form natural history collections.

This was a real case scenario for transfer of technology and knowledge between the MOBILISE/DiSSCo community, envisaging the optimisation of the processes involved the Italian national strategy for mass digitisation of scientific collections.

The presentations and details about the workshop are available here: https://osf.io/8etn7/wiki/home/

MOBILISE Digitisation Workshop in Italy