The first official workshop of the COST Action MOBILISE was held in Bratislava, SK, on Friday 16 November 2018. The goal of the workshop was to promote alignment of the DiSSCo-linked projects at the work level and to investigate how different working teams existing throughout the community, either in CETAF or in any other project developed under the umbrella of DiSSCo, can be strategically aligned and complementary to each other.

The workshop had three specific aims:

  1. To see how tasks in already existing teams can be tweaked or adjusted to ensure better alignment with relevant activities in other projects or groups;
  2. To adapt activities within tasks for the projects that are about to start (incl. SYNTHESYS+ and DiSSCo Prepare); and  
  3. To establish to what extend tasks in MOBILISE Action for the upcoming year(s) can act as a connecting thread that enables investments in the other projects to maximise their impact.

To that end, the participants were split in five breakout groups throughout the day. The results of the very fruitful discussions were presented to the attendants after the breakouts and submitted to the Core Group of MOBILISE as well as the DiSSCo Coordination Office and the other relevant projects’ leaders. They will be discussed at the individual fora and the necessary alignments and modifications to the work plans will be made.

MOBILISE Alignment workshop
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