Date(s) - 12/03/2019 - 13/03/2019
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research and the National Museum of Natural History

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Working Group Meeting Type Title Max. Participants Conveners Description Parallel Workshops Reports
workshop Data management strategies (for scientific collections) 50 Wouter Addink, Quentin Groom, Eva Häffner, Patricia Mergen, Ole Seberg, Alexander Weigand This workshop will identify and structure a network of experts for data management and complete the landscape analysis of current and planned activities re: data management in the current landscape of initiatives. Data management priorities will be identified and the WG3 activities for the second year will be planned. word file
WG2 workshop Authority Management of People Names 20-25 Elspeth Haston This workshop will bring together key contributors from across the relevant range of disciplines to agree a strategy for adoption and implementation for the authority management of people names in Natural History Collections and cross-discipline research and exposure. word file
WG4 workshop Data storage and archiving strategies 10 Dagmar Triebel, Gila Kahila This workshop will focus on identifying some general strategies in the long-term storage and archiving of collection object data and assigned multimedia files. word file
WG5 workshop Data publication pipelines and strategies 15-20 Stefano Martellos The workshop will focus on identifying and discussing the most relevant data publication pipelines. On this basis, we will aim at defining the strategies for enhancing data publication, especially by small institutions. word file
WG6 workshop Training, communication & outreach plan 15-20 Catherina Voreadou The workshop will focus on the training, communication & outreach strategy and plan of MOBILISE second year (new training opportunities in collaboration with DEST, Stakeholder Engagement plan, dissemination actions by MOBILISE members, synergies with related projects etc). word file
TC Training Course Digitisation and data management challenges in small collections 40 Catherina Voreadou This hands-on & interactive Training Course will give the opportunity to Natural History Institutions holding small collections to get informed and practiced on the digitisation procedure related to their collections in order to develop their own Digitisation Action Plans.
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